BioGraphy Kitchens are designed with modern British living in mind. Our carefully considered and flexible kitchen styles enable you to reflect your personality by creating characteristic spaces that work for you and your life - with no compromise on quality, functionality or practicality.

With so much versatility and choice, you have the freedom to select form, function and features that resonate with your individual lifestyle and tastes.

Style 1

Clean, sharp and for fans of all things minimal, BioGraphy allows you to create looks that reflect light, radiant a sense of sophistication and blend perfectly  with your home's architectural characteristics.

Style 2 

The first rule of BioGraphy is that there are no rules. We give you the flexibility to make a dynamic, personal statement with a kitchen that's functional, expressive and echoes the energy of a busy, family home

Style 3

Rugged and robust, BioGraphy cleverly captures the heritage and character of an industrial setting, while drawing on features of a contemporary space.

Fun urban spaces and more masculine enviroments, create a kitchen that suits a busy, on-the-golifestyle whether you are working, grabbing a quick bite or socialising with friends.

Style 4

Rich and warm with a a hint of glamour, BioGraphy can offer a feminine touch while being perfectly practical for meeting the demands of day- to- day life.

Polished, open-plan kitchen spaces complement your immaculate interiors, where rich colours and tactile tectures provide a bold yet beautiful backdrop for those seeking European quality and style.

Style 5

Kitchens aren't only for cooking. As the social centre of the modern British family home, today's kitchens are multi-functional spaces where you eat, play, share your day and help the kids with their homework.

BioGraphy will help you to maximise your space, transform your interior and creat a kitchen that's adult and child friendly, with smart storage, accessible prop areas and a room to share that all-important downtime.

Doors with diversity

There's no such thing as a standard Biography kitchen. With 40 door options, plus 20 additional paint-to-order colours for further personalisation , you can create your kitchen to reflect your individual character and taste. Develop your own distinctive style by combining your favourite mix of door styles, colours and feature finishes to suit your individual taste.

Remo doors (J-trim handless profile)

These are available in gloss and matt options, and also available in paint-to-order colours (See our paint to order palette)

Porter (Square edged door)

These are available in gloss and matt options

Tomba (Chamfer edge handless profile)

This is available in white gloss option, and also available in paint-to-order colours. (See our paint to order palette)

Inzo (Square edged door) and Paint to order colours

Inzo doors are only available in our paint-to-order palette

Feature doors 

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